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Last updated:
26 May 2022

Teun v/d Dool
© 2002-2022


A six (some say its 7) generation pedigree can be compiled for every ISDS registered dog as long as it, or its parents, have been published in one of the ISDS stud books up to and including the 2021 volume, that is ISDS numbers 1 to 383213. For later numbers you have to supply the ISDS registration certificate or at least give the names and numbers of the parents (<383213, otherwise also the grandparents, etc. until <383213).
An example is given here for Moel Bracken 221878 (39 kbyte, to view or print pedigrees, download the Free Acrobat Reader at www.adobe.com or the much smaller and portable Sumatra pdf reader).

A pedigree can also be compiled on the basis of registered parents, which can be regarded as a test mating. Such a 'mating' pedigree will also show the coefficient of inbreeding (and its decomposition) for the offspring.

The pedigrees that I am compiling are not official ISDS pedigrees, which Kennel Clubs often require. The (official) ISDS pedigrees are 4 generations, list only the dogs and their owners, and cost more.

My (for information) pedigrees show as much information as possible on a single A4 sheet by giving different levels of detail for the different generations. The first generation contains the highest detail. All generations indicate:

  • Name of the dog and owner. At this moment, due to privacy rules and regulations, names of the breeders and owners are only shown for dates before 2019. The dates that the dog changed owner will always be shown.
  • If the dog is a key dog (see key dogs).
  • If it has qualified on National, International, Continental or World Trial level (as far as this information is available in my database).
  • If it suffers from or has children with CEA or PRA (as far as published in the ISDS studbooks and newsletters), for some dogs also the genetic CEA status.
  • The number of children of each dog in the pedigree.
The First few generations also show:
  • More details of the trial results (highest result in each year).
  • Coat type and colour.
  • Date of birth.
  • Coefficient of inbreeding.
  • Main breeding region if applicable (>50% Scottish, Welsh, English, Irish or Other).
Repeated occurrences of dogs are also indicated.

Apart from the pedigree, the breeder, owner(s), siblings, and children (last 7 litters at most) are listed for the dog.

The pedigrees show photos of the dogs if available. If you would like a specific photo to be included, send it to me. But note that I can only include photos that you took yourself or for which the person that has the copyright gives permission to put it on pedigrees. So please organize this. The copyright © doesn't have to be transferred to me, I just need permission for publication. I will indicate the person who took the picture below the photo.

The information on these pedigrees is ISDS copyright © and you are not allowed to distribute them and also NOT put them on the internet. However, I do include a second file (see an example here for Moel Bracken 221878). This version has no dates of birth or registration numbers (which are ISDS copyright). This shorter version can be distributed freely.


The pedigrees are supplied in PDF format by E-mail and cost 7 Euro each. The payment methods and fees are listed in the table below. The pedigree(s) will be emailed to you when payment has been received, normally within a day. Sending me a reminder of your payment isn't a bad idea anyway because PayPal occasionally forgets to send me a notification. Internet provider's spam-filters become more-and-more strict.
If you don't receive the pedigree(s) within a day, then please first check your e-mail (on-line) spam-box, before contacting me. The word 'bitch' might already trigger them.

If you prefer a paper copy of the pedigree printed on watermarked paper and sent by regular mail, contact the Sheepdog Shop for details on ordering and cost.

Via PayPal (also Credit Cards)
Send 7 Euro per pedigree via PayPal And add a note with names and numbers of the dogs you want a pedigree for,
or if   > ISDS 00/383213   its certificate, or at least the names and numbers of their parents.

Or send me an e-mail on: info@bcdb.info to ask for a PayPal payment request through e-mail (paying with a debit or credit card, and without a PayPal account is then often easier).

If needed select 'Taal' (Language) 'Verenigd Koninkrijk' (UK).
You should enable cookies (at least for https://www.paypal.com).
If you still get 'expired' messages, go to https://www.paypal.com and transfer the required amount directly by clicking 'Send Money' to: info@bcdb.info
If not accepted: try option "gift" or read this.

PayPal transfers to: info@bcdb.info

WARNING: only go to PayPal through https://www.paypal.com, don't answer E–mails that (seem to) come from PayPal but origanete from another address than 'paypal.com' (or http://www.paypal.me/TeunVanDenDool).
Bank Transfer Netherlands  7 Euro per pedigree: ask by email for my bank account number. Probably expensive if transferred from outside the Netherlands. See next option.
Bank Transfer EU Internet eurobasis transfer:  7 Euro per pedigree: ask by email for my bank account number. Only from within the EU (no additional cost will be charged), otherwise the additional cost will be high. EU = EMU-countries + Denmark, UK en Sweden.
Cash by Normal Mail (I don't take responsibility for lost or stolen money)   7 Euro per pedigree
  or in any other currency an equivalent of 7 Euro per pedigree + 3 Euro transaction cost.
Send to:
ask address by email (info@bcdb.info)
Cheque by Normal Mail Not recommended, relative expensive (15,- Euro extra per cheque)  

When ordering via payment, clearly indicate the ISDS name and registration number, for instance:
  Moel Bracken 221878

Or its registration certificate, or its parents' details, if the dog's details have not yet been published, (that is; later than registration number 383213). For instance:
  Gael 251374 = Llwyd 202856 (owner G.J.B.van Bohemen) x Moel Bracken 221878 (owner C.M.Gerfin)

Or a combination of ISDS numbers for a mating pedigree:
  Llwyd 202856 (owner G.J.B.van Bohemen) x Moel Bracken 221878 (owner/breeder C.M.Gerfin)

Also give the e-mail address that the pedigree pdf-file(s) should be sent too.

For other ordering and information send an email to: info@bcdb.info (or make a note in PayPal).

The pedigrees will often be send by e-mail within an hour, normally within a day. If you don't receive anything within a couple of days after ordering, please first check your e-mail spam-box. If you don't find it there, send an E-mail to me; the e-mail might have been captured by some virus checking software or something like that. Especially Yahoo is notorious for making pedigrees vanish. Consider taking another email provider!

Additional services that I can provide include:

  • Finding details of dogs in case you only have partial information available. For instance if you do not know the (exact) ISDS number but only approximate, or the name of the dog and for instance the (approximate) name of the breeder, owner, date of birth, coat type or colour, etcetera. Normally at no extra charge if it helps ordering a pedigree.
  • Finding dogs with a high or low percentage 'blood' of any dog.
  • Calculation of inbreeding coefficients for matings that you are considering.
  • Finding descendants (in several generations) of a dog.
Send me an e-mail with information that you want and I will find a way to be of help.